Yes, You Can Fax That: Library Unveils New ‘EZ Scan’ System | Telecommunications

They haven’t quite followed the path of the rotary phone and 8-track player, but fax machines are becoming a technology of the past. And that can be a problem, as some healthcare and insurance companies still require documents to be received by fax, for privacy and security reasons.

So to help fill this need, Stoughton Public Library now offers a FAX service through its new “EZ Scan” FAX Station, which can do more than just FAX documents.

Amanda Bosky, adult services librarian, said the library received many requests for FAX documents from patrons, but staff previously had no way to do so. They had worked with TBS, a Madison-based telecommunications company, to add wireless printing to our list of services about a year ago, and when they offered a demo of the Scan-EZ machine.

Bosky said the library’s technical services supervisor, Sarah Bukrey, was immediately impressed with the station, with its large touch screen and oversized icons, as “extremely user-friendly”. Library staff were also delighted with the additional features offered by the station, such as photo editing, scanning a document to translate it into another language, and scanning a document to create an audio file of the text. .

She said that in the past two months, customers have scanned more than 450 pages to fax, email, save to flash drive or save to Google Drive. The library charges 50 cents per page, with a maximum of $5 for, even if a document is longer than 10 pages.

To print anything, the charge is 15 cents per page for black and white and 50 cents for color. For more information, call 608-873-6281 or email [email protected]

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