Web3 Telecom Startup Wayru Launches Decentralized Internet Network

Web3 telecommunications startup launches its network of decentralized internet hotspots and Genesis hardware devices to usher in a new era of connectivity.

MIAMI, FL/ACCESSWIRE/August 9, 2022/ The Wayru ecosystem allows everyone to buy their Access point pool tokens to support the network, or become an even more integral part of the Wayru infrastructure by owning one of the first 1,000 Genesis hardware devices.

The lack of connectivity

In 2011, the UN published a report stating that access to the internet is a human right, citing it as a key means by which individuals can exercise their right to freedom and expression. Despite this seemingly huge leap towards a more connected world that happened more than 10 years ago, only 35% of people in underdeveloped countries have access to the internet.

This lack of connectivity in developing countries, due in large part to the inaction of a few established telecommunications companies, has opened the door to new innovators like Wayru to launch its unique, blockchain-backed solution and solve the long-standing problem.

What is Wayru?

Backed by Borderless, the Algorand Foundation and other industry investors, Wayru is an emerging Web3 telecommunications startup that has developed a radically new, globally compatible Hotspot network and hardware device (known as Genesis) allowing individuals to share their internet connection in exchange for cryptocurrency. .

The Wayru sharing economy model provides the basic framework for communities, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to independently build, own, and operate Internet networks. The network will focus heavily on eliminating significant operational costs plagued by centralized Internet networks. Wayru manages telecommunications, processing, and other network transactions using Algorand’s Blockchain.

Charvel Chedraui, Founder and CEO of Wayru said that:

“The Internet has changed the world more than anything else in history, and providing access to everyone in the world can lead to collective changes so massive that it is very difficult to predict. A decentralized version of the way the Internet access is distributed today would allow people to achieve digital freedom, economic independence and community development.”

Wayru to deploy hotspot pools

Wayru Access point pools are a hybrid network of Hotspots with state-of-the-art fiber radio quality mesh technologies. Beginning first in the heavily populated but underconnected Latin American cities of Quito and Guayaquil, Wayru will deploy Hotspot Pools in businesses, homes and public spaces for millions of people to use.

With no setup fees and a first month of free service for early adopters, Hotspot Pools are the easiest way for individuals to invest in infrastructure and start earning the platform’s native $WRU token. form.

Each pool contains a minimum of 1,000 access points. Pools are tokenized for anyone to invest in by purchasing pool tokens, and the number of “pool tokens” in each pool varies depending on where the pool is located and how many access points it contains. All rewards are evenly split between holders, so the more tokens you hold, the more rewards you earn.

Pool Token Rewards

For every $100 in revenue generated from using the network, approximately $40 keeps the network running, leaving a reward of $60. This is split between Wayru and pool token holders, with holders receiving exactly two-thirds and Wayru one-third. The first batch will have 10,000 pool tokens available at a price of $50 per token. Pool tokens can be purchased using WRU, ALGO, USDC or USD

Genesis Device

The Wayru Genesis device acts as a WiFi hub that allows people to share their internet connection for crypto rewards. The devices will go on sale todayon Tuesday, August 9, and are expected to ship at the end of Q3 2022. The first set of devices will also come with an early bird reward worth between $50.00 and $100.00 from WRU, so there’s no better time to step onto the ground floor and be part of the next big revolution in global connectivity.

WRU token

The $WRU Token is a proprietary token running on the Algorands blockchain. The full maximum supply of 10 billion tokens will be issued as genesis but locked to the network until the usable network begins. The token will be distributed as a reward to Hotspot pool token owners, Hotspot operators and stakers, for their contribution to the network. Only 1% (100 million) of the token supply will be released during the public sale that will take place in early 2023, with the rest dispersed over the years as rewards.

The Wayru Revolution will kick off on Tuesday, August 9 with a presale that will feature the first 1,000 Genesis and Hotspot hardware devices Pool tokens in the world. With two very enterprising options available and a huge gap in the market, the Wayru presale offers a great opportunity for anyone to be part of the new era of global connectivity.

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