vTail Healthcare Telecommunications Limited announces expanded use for clinician communications with initial launch as app for major medical conferences

LONDON, August 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — vTail is pleased to announce the launch of its new feature, “vGroups”, which allows clinicians to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other in a secure environment. As a key part of this launch, vTail will be used as a conference app for several key fall medical conferences in the wound care market. These include Leaders in Wound Healing, SerenaGroup and the Association for the Advancement in Wound Care Fall Conference 2022.

vTail CEO, Barry Wolfson says, “What we’ve seen since our launch a year ago is that clinicians want to discuss difficult cases, new technologies and other industry-related topics with their peers. Although they sometimes find places on the web or in apps to have these conversations, existing solutions are not specifically designed for this purpose and provide no added value Our solution sits in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment where clinicians have easy access to all of our app content to share with their In addition, we are finding ways our platform can help inform these clinicians in their conversations and help them better interact with product manufacturers. »

dr. Thomas Serena, MD hosts the Leaders in Wound Healing conference. “I see vTail as a great way to keep productivity consistently high in the wound clinics we run, as our clinical staff now have great control over their conversations with sales reps – with direct access to them through the app. For our fall conference, we’re thrilled to be the first to use vTail as a way to engage with all attendees before, during, and after the meeting.”

Kara sofaNP Incoming President of AAWC, said, “vTail is a no-brainer. We encourage good interactions between our sponsors and attendees, and attendees receive a valuable app that they will use all the time after the conference is over when they take care of the patients.”

The company expects the new vGroups feature to help increase the number of users on the platform. Client companies will establish user groups for their brands; and associations and other organizations will be able to use the feature to communicate and stay informed.

About vTail: vTail is a new digital healthcare communication application that serves as an interactive marketing, clinical education and sales platform. The app is designed to be a time-saving resource for healthcare professionals (HCPs), providing them with quick and easy access to detailed product information, an automated rolodex to their local representatives, a news organized according to their clinical interests, etc. . The company initially focused on medical technologies, having moved into the advanced wound care and dental care markets and is now planning to enter the orthopedic market.

The service is free to healthcare professionals and was selected as one of the Top 10 Providers of Clinical Communication and Collaboration Solutions for 2021 by MD Tech Review and one of the Top 10 Innovations in Wound Care 2022 by Wound Review. Management and Prevention.

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