Top 6 Best Telecom Repair Screwdriver Sets in 2022

For a technician working in any industry, a high quality telecom toolkit is essential to perform their job. And telecommunications service installers and maintenance technicians are no exception. Since most telecommunications repair and maintenance tasks involve working with small, delicate devices, a simple mechanical toolbox will not suffice. The specialized tasks of these jobs require special equipment – a telecommunications repair screwdriver set.

How are telecom repair screwdrivers used to streamline workflow?

The telecommunications industry is constantly expanding and changing, as are its repair and maintenance needs. In order to keep up with this expansion, screwdriver manufacturers are introducing telecommunication repair screwdriver sets to speed up the repair process and improve work efficiency.

In addition to their time-saving and space-saving advantages, telecommunication repair screwdriver sets are convenient and practical for all maintenance personnel. Whether it’s watches, cell phones, or cameras, a telecommunications screwdriver set is usually a one-stop solution for all restoration needs.

Application Scenarios of Telecom Repair Screwdrivers

Telecommunication repair screwdriver sets are specially designed for devices such as watches, calculators, cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. With devices like these, a precision screwdriver set is somewhat of a necessity. New versions of screwdri precisionver sets are manufactured with advanced features and improved designs to streamline the repair and maintenance operations of telecommunications technicians.

Telecommunication Repair Screwdriver Sets of Different Features and Prices in 2022

If you’re looking to pick up high-quality telecom repair screwdriver sets at an affordable price, here are our top six picks:


The JM-8186(A) is one of the last of Jakemy telecommunications repair screwdriver sets. With Professional configuration and six new screwdriver bit designs, the 83-in-1 screwdriver set is ideal for assembly and disassembly tasks on the go.

2.Desili 911-A

Desili 911-A is a 31 in 1 telecom repair screwdriver set. The mini precision screwdriver set costs $12.99, including 30 kinds of high quality S2 special tool steel screwdriver bits and a sturdy magnetic handle for added portability.

3. Volo 25-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set

The Volvo 25-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set brings so much more to the table with its pocket-size leather packaging and 25 screwdriver bits. Priced at $265, the set lives up to its reputation for efficiency thanks to its flawless mechanism that delivers highly accurate performance.


Similar to its predecessor, the 83 in 1 JM-8186(B) is a compact, portable and eco-friendly precision screwdriver set. Featuring special tri-point crown-shaped screwdriver bits and an industrial-grade N35 magnet, this set allows for long, uninterrupted periods of work.

5. Brain Freezer 115 in 1 Screwdriver Set

The Brain Freezer 115-in-1 is a multi-function telecommunications repair screwdriver set designed to meet all repair and maintenance needs. In addition to being lightweight and portable, the set includes chrome-vanadium steel screwdriver bits for increased durability and precision.

6. JM-8187

If you’re looking for something that keeps customers coming back, you must be looking for an irreplaceable set. The Jakemy JM-8187 Telecom Repair Screwdriver Set fits that bill. Features such as rich configuration, magnetic adsorption case and variety of screwdriver bits make this set applicable to a wide range of telecommunication repair and maintenance tasks.


Jakemy, the leading precision screwdriver manufacturer, offers over 10,000 models of precision screwdrivers to choose from. With over 20 years of experience in the design of high quality tools and accessories, the company amhas gone to great lengths to integrate conceptual research, development and R&D to ensure that they provide safe and reliable products to every organization.

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