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Roy Morgan’s telecommunications and technology research contains brand-by-brand and product-by-product analysis of landline, mobile, internet, broadband, pay-TV and bundle usage, as well as computer, MP3 and game console ownership profiles and purchase intent data.

Drawn from our world-renowned single source, our telecommunications and technology research contains comprehensive data on:

  • Penetration, market share, intention, usage and attitudes
  • Adoption rate of next-gen technologies across brands and consumer profiles
  • Loyalty, satisfaction and customer change intention factors
  • Customer profiling by high value segments, early adopters, trusted advisors and information seekers
  • Media and leisure consumption habits of consumers
  • Ownership and Intent of Home Technology and Entertainment System

Telecommunications and technology Industry subscriptions

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Out-of-the-box reports and profiles

Reports on the telecommunications and technology industry

Our Customer Satisfaction Reports for Internet Service Providers, Mobile Service Providers and Mobile Handsets provide key decision makers with the most accurate and relevant information, to ensure early identification of trends and patterns usage and attitudes as they emerge.

Telecommunications and Technology Customer Profiles

A customer profile for your brand or product is already available for download.

Customer profiles provide a clear and comprehensive picture of your target market’s demographics, lifestyle, media habits, brand awareness, purchase intent, satisfaction levels, and values.