Telecom service users filed 8.1 million complaints in 2021

This is a machine translation of the CRC version originally published in Spanish.

In an effort to protect user rights in the country, the CRC has issued different regulatory measures such as the establishment of the Communication Services User Rights Protection Regime, which empowers citizens to make informed consumer decisions and properly exercise their rights.

As part of the open data strategy, the Commission prepares reports with the analysis of information provided by service providers for the consultation of citizens and other interested parties.

On this occasion, the CRC presents the results of complaints received by operators from their users concerning the provision of fixed and mobile telephony and internet services, as well as subscription television, during the fourth quarter of 2021.

According to the figures provided, for the fourth quarter of 2021, 1.9 million complaints were filed by users of telecommunications services, which represents a decrease of 9.55% compared to the third quarter of the same year and 9 .97% compared to the fourth quarter of 2020.

Of the total complaints filed in the fourth quarter of 2021, 31.48% corresponded to fixed internet, 27.37% to mobile telephony, 20.57% to subscription television, 15.58% to fixed telephony and 5.01% to mobile internet.

The service with the lowest number of complaints reported is mobile internet, registering a total of 95,000 complaints, with a decrease of 6.41% compared to the same period in 2020, and 1.44% compared to the third quarter of 2021.

Types of complaints received

Over the whole of 2021, 8.1 million complaints were received, of which 77.52% were grouped into four types of complaints: Unavailability of service (29.64%), billing/collection error or unjustified discount (28.15%), intermittent service (11.86%) and modification of the conditions agreed in the contracts and/or in the provision of the service (7.87%). Compared to 2020, of these typologies, only complaints of unavailability of service decreased by 7.55%, while for the other three there were increases of 20.90%, 15.51% and 46, 57%, respectively.

For fixed services (fixed Internet, fixed telephony and subscription television), the greatest number of complaints are related to the unavailability of the service. For mobile services, the largest number of complaints are related to billing/billing errors or unjustified discounts.

Of the total complaints filed during the fourth quarter of 2021, 59.71% were filed via the telephone service line, 30.21% in physical offices, 4.77% via the website, 0.49% via social media and 3.2% through other channels. For this quarter, two new service channels were reported by operators, with a share of 1.37% for instant messaging services and 0.24% for mobile applications.

Complaints lodged via physical offices increased by 33.75% for the fourth quarter of 2021, compared to the same period of 2020, which can be associated with the normalization of mobility conditions due to the COVID-19 health emergency. 19.

“For the Commission, the protection of users’ rights is a priority. This analysis allows us to know the experience of citizens regarding the communication services they hire as an essential input to make informed decisions. The decrease in the number of complaints compared to 2020 is good news; however, the CRC will continue to work on the design of measures to improve the quality of telephone, Internet and television services in the country,” concluded Paola Bonilla Castaño, Executive Director of the CRC.

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