WASHINGTON, August 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This morning, hundreds of Americans filed a lawsuit under the Anti-Terrorism Act against Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (“LM Ericsson”) and Ericsson Inc. (collectively “Ericsson”) for aiding campaigns of terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistanand Syria led by al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda-in-Iraqand the Islamic State from 2004 to 2022. Ericsson is accused of making protection payments to designated foreign terrorist organizations, obstructing US government counterterrorism efforts, and fraudulently concealing their aid to terrorists. United States, Ericsson shareholders and victims of terrorism as plaintiffs. The Anti-Terrorism Law Complaint, subtitled Schmitz et al. against Ericsson Inc., et al., Cas 1:22-cv-02317 (DDC Compl. deposited August 5, 2022) follows an extensive investigation by the washington firm based in Sparacino PLLC after Ericsson Iraq disclosures in 2022.

The plaintiffs are 528 Americans, made up of 165 Gold Star families and numerous former hostages, families of hostages and seriously injured military personnel. Each applicant was injured, or is the loved one of someone who was killed or injured, in attacks by al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda-in-Iraqor Islamic State in Iraq, Afghanistanand Syria from 2005 to 2021. Plaintiffs allege Ericsson knowingly supported a terrorist campaign that attacked, killed and injured thousands of Americans in Iraq, Afghanistanand Syriaincluding Plaintiffs, by assisting terrorists through Ericsson’s regular payments of protection money to terrorists, and Ericsson’s intentional obstruction of United States counterterrorism policy.

“The plaintiffs say that while Americans risked their lives between 2005 and 2021 to help rebuild Iraq, Afghanistanand SyriaLM Ericsson and Ericsson Inc. facilitated Iraq– related transactions that they knew terrorists such as ISIS were using to fund attacks on Americans in Iraq, Afghanistanand Syria,” said ryan sparacino, the founding partner of Sparacino LLC. “As alleged, even though the terrorists have openly proclaimed their desire for protection money to help fund their campaign to kill Americans in the Middle East and the U.S. government publicly opposed illicit transactions that provided protection money to terrorists, Ericsson challenged United States — and its obligations under terrorism law — in the pursuit of profit. »

Mr Sparacino continued: “The plaintiffs allege that when the Islamic State invaded Mosul in 2014, responsible companies suspended operations to avoid funding ISIS, but Ericsson calculated pulling out was “premature.” Instead, the complaint details that Ericsson’s cold calculation was that paying terrorist protection money to ensure safe passage through Iraq would be better for his business. As we will show in court, Ericsson continued his longstanding practice as a corporate criminal in a global crime spree where ‘money talks’ regardless of what the law requires.”

Indeed, the plaintiffs claim that Ericsson explicitly chose illegal options over legal alternatives knowing that their money was going to terrorists. For example, where Ericsson was presented with a “Speedway” (illegal) and a “legal route” (lawful), plaintiffs allege that Ericsson chose the low route.

“Plaintiffs allege that it was Ericsson who made that choice, but it was the plaintiffs who suffered the consequences,” Sparacino said.

Mr. Sparacino added, “This complaint is an important, yet modest, step in holding Ericsson accountable for its allegedly impermissible behavior. The plaintiffs encourage the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission—in the strongest terms possible—to investigate LM Ericsson, Ericsson Inc. and each officer, employee or agent of LM Ericsson or Ericsson Inc. — including their legal, compliance, tax, accounting, sales, and internal and external corporate responsibility staff. Assuming Ericsson’s leaked internal documents as reported by the media are accurate — and Ericsson has admitted they are — federal prosecutors need to thoroughly investigate this matter.

“Indeed, given Ericsson’s admission that media reports of his behavior are accurate, the US Department of Justice must set an example for the company and anyone who supported the bribery scheme.” , said Sparacino. Justice in these circumstances cannot – and should not – be just another slap on the wrist for corporations. If the leaked internal Ericsson documents are accurate, anyone involved who violated applicable US criminal laws should be held accountable. Simply put, justice demands that federal prosecutors do whatever they can to put individual wrongdoers behind bars for a very long time.”

Today’s filing of the complaint against Ericsson under the Anti-Terrorism Act follows an extensive investigation (which continues today) which began after the Iraq-disclosures related to February 2022including time spent investigating terrorist campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistanand Syria and how al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda-in-Iraqand the Islamic State have funded themselves through illicit business deals with companies like Ericsson.

Sparacino PLLC is the same company that currently represents over 1,200 US customers who recently won a complete victory under the Anti-Terrorism Act in United States DC Circuit Court of Appeals in a separate case relating to the Terrorism Act (i.e. also how corruption in Iraq financed terrorism) against Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, GE Healthcare, AstraZeneca and Roche, captioned Atchley et al. vs. AstraZeneca UK Ltd., et al., Case 1:17-cv-02136 (DDC). Sparacino is acting as lead investigative counsel in both Schmitz and Atley cases, following a similar investigative approach in each.

The complaint in Schmitz et al. vs. Ericsson Inc. et al. is available online at:

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