South Louisiana Telecom Company Changes Name; see what it is | Business

More than two and a half years after Reserve Communications and Computer Corp. have completed the acquisition of Eatel, the merged telecommunications company is changing its name.

Effective March 1, the company will be known as REV, a name that combines Reserve Communications, Eatel and Vision Communications, which was acquired by Eatel in 2012.

The new name was introduced to subscribers as an insert in their February bills, said Josh Descant, chief executive of REV.

“It’s a beautiful play on an acronym and a word,” he said. “We connect communities with technology.”

Reserve Communications completed its acquisition of Eatel in May 2019. The eureka moment to use the REV name came in late 2019, Descant said. The company began branding its broadband service as REV Broadband, to help the name gain awareness and visibility. “We are not changing the logo on the walls,” he said.

Plans were emerging to start using the REV name in early 2022. But Hurricane Ida delayed that by a few months. The powerful storm devastated much of the company’s service area, which includes the parishes of St. James, St. John the Baptist, Lafourche, Ascension, Jefferson, Livingston and East Baton Rouge.

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Descant said REV didn’t want to sound “deaf” by promoting a new name at a time when the company was trying to restore services to thousands of customers. Additionally, much of REV’s energy was spent on crisis communications, keeping people abreast of disaster recovery efforts and the return of service.

REV will be used to brand all of the company’s consumer services, such as REV Broadband, REV TV and REV Business.

But one segment that won’t be included under the REV umbrella is Venyu, Eatel’s data storage business. Venyu has “very, very strong” brand equity, Descant said.

“They are entering the market in a very different way than traditional telecommunications companies,” he added.

REV has nearly 63,000 customers in a service area that stretches from Grand Isle to Baton Rouge and approximately 400 local employees.