Smart City Networks Announces New Cloud-Based Telecom Service at IAVM VenueConnect 2022

The nation’s leading event tech company unveils itself Voice solution hosted at IVAM’s 97e Annual conference

LA VEGAS, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Smart City Networks, the nation’s leading provider of advanced technology and communications services for trade shows and events, today announced that it will add Hosted Voice, a voice-over-protocol business phone system cloud-based Internet (VoIP), to its range of products and services.

Hosted Voice is a state-of-the-art telecommunications platform that offers crystal-clear call quality, flexibility and a host of features to customize the product to the individual needs of each location, whether for administration or event assistance. Designed to be mobile-first and user-friendly, Smart City’s Hosted Voice solution provides a single number to call from any device and 24/7 access to admin and user portals that allow individual users to control their phone settings, greetings, out of office. messages, phone mail and other features.

In addition to its user-designed interface, Hosted Voice also provides high-quality, state-of-the-art telephone instruments that offer the clearest sound and advanced features compared to traditional PBX systems. Additionally, Smart City Hosted Voice offers a mobile app that allows any device to be used interchangeably for incoming and outgoing calls and the system can be integrated with existing Microsoft Teams implementations. Voicemail solutions are also enhanced with voicemail dictation to email, where users can receive voicemail messages directly to their email with caller ID, .WAV file recordings voicemail and text transcription.

Marc Haleypresident of Smart City Networks, spoke of the need for a revamped telecommunications product after previous PBX systems no longer met the modern needs of the venue industry.

“For more than 35 years, Smart City Networks has been the leader in telecommunications and event technology,” said Haley. “The Smart City Hosted Voice solution is designed with 21st With century-old sensibilities and modern mobility in mind, and its range of features and integration options allow it to be the go-to event communications solution for any business. Our new system moves with you, making it the ideal choice for the pick-up and go nature of our industry.”

Hosted Voice enables businesses to access their communications services with a single Internet connection, preventing power outages and adverse weather conditions from limiting business operations and removing the need to rent PBX equipment. Being a cloud-based communication system, users can also send faxes through their desktop, laptop or smartphone, further reducing unnecessary clutter by eliminating the need to send a fax to the event beforehand.

“It really is a one-stop-shop for all your communications,” said Dennis O’Gara, Vice President, Eastern Region Operations. “Hosted Voice delivers a unified experience for colleagues, event planners and attendees by providing a host of advanced features, including over 50 customizable calling features, a revolutionized voicemail management system and portals user-friendly administration.”

With the Hosted Voice solution, Smart City Networks has revolutionized communication technology in the event industry, and they continue to be the partner you can rely on for event technology and communication services.

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About smart city networks: Founded 35 years ago, Smart City Networks is the nation’s largest provider of event telecommunications and convention technology. Smart City Networks can provide wired and wireless Internet, telephone services and digital signage solutions to convention centers and meeting rooms of all sizes. Smart City Networks designs, installs and maintains data, voice, power and utility platforms, associated with the engineering, security and monitoring of voice, video and data networks. Since 1987, Smart City has participated in 32 convention center extensions and upgrades. Providing technology services to more than 3,000 conventions and meetings annually, Smart City Networks currently serves more than 50 convention and meeting venues across the United States, totaling more than 17 million square feet of exhibit space. . For more information about Smart City Networks, call 702-943-6000 or visit

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