Rogers, Canada’s largest telecommunications company, is experiencing a major outage

(Photo: Pexels/ Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán)

Due to an outage, Rogers Communications, Canada’s largest telecommunications provider, and its subsidiary Fido have been facing severe service disruptions since Friday morning.

Rogers Communications outage

On July 8, services went down early in the morning, but Rogers didn’t acknowledge the issue until around 9 a.m. ET, according to PC Gamer. Unfortunately, the main reason for the problem is still unknown. all it says on the Rogers website is that the company is experiencing a network outage and is trying to restore services as quickly as possible.

It is still unclear what caused this and how severe the current outage is.

The impact of the outage is wide

Citing a report from Global News, PC Gamer noted that ATMs and Interac machines were also disrupted by the outage. In addition, calls to emergency services have been affected. 6:31 a.m. Toronto Police said that there were problems connecting to 911. Two hours later, he announcement that even though its 911 contact center was open, some Rogers network users may experience connectivity issues, Engadget reported.

Also, around 5 a.m., an Ontario-based CBC radio station lost its broadcast signal. According Service Canadathe situation also damaged its facilities, including crowded passport offices.

PC Gamer mentioned that the other two major telecommunications providers in Canada, Bell and Telus, have each claimed that the Rogers outage has no effect on their services. Bell’s mobile service, which is also offline, is also seeing major spikes in outage reports, according to The outlet added that Bell’s Wi-Fi hotspot performance was also exceptionally poor and unpredictable.

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What Canadian authorities say about the outage

The Communications Security Establishment, Canada’s national cybersecurity organization, said it had spoken with Rogers and “offered assistance”, if needed.

The Canadian telecommunications industry is heavily regulated and there is no real competition, as PC Gamer notes. There are other internet service providers in the country, although they mostly serve very small segments of the population. Small cellphone carriers like Fido, Chatr, and Koodo are owned by larger companies.

Widespread and unintended consequences have resulted from the loss of Rogers service, including the inability of some travelers to access services needed to return home, the inability of Rogers customers to contact emergency services, and even the closure wading pools in Toronto due to lack of service.

This isn’t Rogers’ first major outage

A separate Global News report said that in April 2021, Rogers experienced an outage, which it said was caused by a software update that did not go as planned.

Voice calls, SMS and data services were unavailable to its users due to morning outages. The disruptions had no effect on television, home and business wired Internet, or home phone services. The communications company said Fido users were also affected by the outage. Ontario police warned people not to hang up by dialing 911 during the outage because their communicators could not be used to call back.

The majority of this failure, which lasted most of a day, occurred in Ontario, the country’s most populous province.

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