Numana announces the launch of an open quantum telecommunications network

$3.75M the project will serve as an open testbed for industry and research institutes

MONTREAL, June 142022 /CNW Telbec/ – With the support of the Quebec Minister of Economy and Innovation and Bell, Numana is pleased to announce the launch of a state-of-the-art quantum communication infrastructure to implement open networks for industry and researchers. In collaboration with the Quantum Innovation Zone of Sherbrooke, the project will be launched initially in Sherbrooke in early fall 2022. Subsequent networks are planned for Montreal and Quebec Cityin order to gradually deploy a national infrastructure combining the complementary expertise of all Quebec quantum ecosystem. This initiative promises to equip Quebec with the ability to develop products, applications and services created by industrial developers and university researchers. The project is supported by a $2.5M financial contribution from of Quebec Minister of Economy and Innovation.

Considered as disruptive technologies, quantum technologies will have a major global impact on governments, industries and society in general. According to Yole Développement, their global market will grow from US$340 million at US$2.9 billion between 2020 and 2030. This shift will revolutionize many economic sectors; for example, by enabling the development of new materials and sensors, process optimizations, ultra-fast calculations and highly secure communications.

Fundamentals of ultra-secure quantum computing on the Internet

With its unparalleled computational speed and lightning-fast probability evaluation approach, quantum computing will process exponentially more data than traditional computational models to determine an optimal solution. It has the potential to train artificial intelligence systems such as digital assistants, which help doctors diagnose diseases and suggest optimal therapies. It could also optimize the route of all cars in a given city, to help drivers avoid traffic jams while reducing greenhouse gas emissions through a wide range of possible solutions.

As part of this quantum infrastructure project, quantum communication protocols will help protect the growing volume of confidential corporate and personal data transmitted digitally, such as health records and financial transactions. This mode of communication, impossible to decipher or intercept without detection, is the basis of a future ultra-secure quantum Internet. Thanks to this world-class test bed, Quebec can capitalize on this playing field to develop solutions.

This initial phase of the project will establish a fiber optic quantum communication test bed in from Sherbrooke Quantum Innovation Zone, in partnership with Bell. Through this project, the Quebec the government intends:

  • Enable Quebec develop its expertise and infrastructure in quantum communication and cybersecurity on existing communication networks;

  • Promote the emergence of a competitive industrial sector for quantum communications, including network components and service offerings, by Quebec;

  • Promote the growth of Quebec ecosystem by offering a prototyping platform open to all.

“Numana’s network will strengthen of Quebec leadership in quantum communications by developing practical applications. Numana can count on from Sherbrooke Innovation Zone to deploy powerful tools that will benefit many strategic sectors Quebec,” said Peter FitzgibbonMinister of Economy and Innovation of Quebec and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development.

“Numana is pleased to announce the launch of the quantum telecommunications infrastructure which will begin with the Quantum Innovation Zone of Sherbrooke, in partnership with Bell. With this project, our ambition is to accelerate quantum technology in Quebec, and help industry develop cutting-edge products to transform the province into a true world leader in quantum communications. This project aligns with Numana’s new positioning as a technology think tank that analyzes disruptive technologies and conducts field projects to test them and accelerate their adoption,” said François Borrelli, President and CEO. from Numana.

“Bell is very pleased to collaborate with Numana and the Government of Quebec in the development of aQuebec quantum infrastructure. In addition to its financial involvement, Bell is making its powerful and robust network available to industry experts, providing the ecosystem with the foundation needed to pursue applied research,” added Nicholas PayantVice President, Operations and Core Network, Bell.

About Numana

At Numana, we are a catalyst for technology ecosystems. Together with our partners, we bring together innovators to create more value for the technology industry as well as for Quebec globally. Founded in 2007, Numana is a non-profit organization that contributes to the economic and social vitality of the province by rallying players from the private, institutional and public sectors of technologies around common objectives and concerted actions.



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