Modernization and modern technologies in telecommunications – why use BSS

In the age of digitization of many aspects of product and service delivery, there is always a need to keep up to date with technological innovations. It is a requirement of the competition, which can quickly leave behind those who do not keep up with technology, but it is above all a requirement of the customer, who expects the best quality of service and quick access to products. Telecommunications companies, however, may have difficulty implementing new features quickly enough. BSS services can help them by offering their support to enter this new era.

BSS (business support systems) are new generation systems that allow the implementation of modern solutions based on the automation of activities and the creation of possibilities for free management of offers. BSSs in telecommunications, for example, enable faster business processes through the introduction of intuitive applications and systems into existing telecommunications services. They are used to increase business and workforce agility and ensure network security.

Transparent product catalogs for customer satisfaction and modern business models

BSS tools allow the creation of fast and efficient catalogs containing telecom products. The simple configuration of these services allows rapid updating of information and product management. BSS technology also allows intuitive management of offers and automation of calculation and invoicing in complete transparency. And all this in just a few clicks.

Business Support System Solutions for Global Brands and Customers Worldwide

In the era of globalization, customers want uniform access to their services and accounts. The multiplicity of currencies and time zones has so far been a challenge for telecommunications companies. BSS services allow the implementation of different taxation and currencies and can therefore be deployed in many countries. Automated BSS systems can convert currencies, taxes and rates independently and combine them into one invoice for the customer.

Globalization at a high level – customer relationship management

Easy and fast contact with customers and partners of telecommunications companies is essential for their proper functioning and growth. Thus, BSS solutions also offer self-optimization in the formulation of product offers based on the minimum information required. This allows for a quick initial offer and flexibility in modifying offers and catalogs. The offer can also be accepted in the system, which automatically creates an order for the customer or partner. Thanks to BSS services, all processes take place instantly, regardless of time zones or currency differences. Services are available in a unified system accessible to all partners.