Mercury Telecom helps businesses connect through telecommunications

Dave Sovereen, 43, owns Mercury Telecom, located on Ashman Street across from Kroger’s in Midland. It has 15 employees. They provide internet and telephone services to businesses. They have high-speed internet and phone systems where they provide new phones and services for a flat monthly fee. Sovereen said three-quarters of its business is based in Wisconsin. They have an office in Manitowoc.

Sovereen and her partner, Marcelo Flores, have been together for 21 years. Flores, hairdresser, owns Marcelo’s salon. They have seven-year-old twins, Carter and Valentino. Sovereen moved to Midland from Port St. Lucie, Florida as a high school student. He graduated from HH Dow High School and he attended Northwood University.

How long have you owned your business?
I opened in 1996 when I graduated from high school. We were on Wackerly, then moved to the Pizza Sam building, then about 10 years ago we moved to our current location. We first provided dial-up service.

What prompted you to own this business?
I worked at the Midland Daily News in 1995. Hearst required all of their newspapers to become ISPs. I was hired as a co-op out of high school, so I was able to create and manage their first internet service, MDN Netlink. Also did this for the Huron Daily Tribune. I was involved in computers and modems. There was the Bulletin Board System (BBS), with electronic bulletin boards, online games. I had been doing this since I was 11 after we got our first computer and modem. I started a BBS as a hobby. I had some experience on the Internet. Then I wanted to create my own Internet service.

What makes this area a great place to own a business?
Midland has been really good to us. Congratulations to our seven year old boys. Good schools.

In what ways is your business active in the local community?
We donate to many different organizations. I just joined the Midland Rotary Club.

What are some of your interests and hobbies?
I love the outdoors. I am a runner. Love camping, swimming, biking and hiking.

Final thoughts to share with the community?
I would like to thank our customers, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years, and our employees who take such good care of them.