Macquarie Telecom upgrades Konica Minolta’s telecommunications and data networks – Telco

Luke Clifton (Macquarie Telecom)

Imaging specialist Konica Minolta turned to Macquarie Telecom to upgrade its telecommunications and data networks as part of an ongoing digital strategy.

Telco was driven to deploy SD-WAN, NBN, cloud and data center services to deliver an enhanced work-from-home experience for employees while improving network speed and efficiency .

The upgrade is part of a broader digital strategy, which also includes a separate major overhaul of SAP S/4HANA, as Konica Minolta seeks to bolster its cloud and workplace flexibility.

“The future we aim to deliver to Australian businesses is about accountability, connectivity and security, by far the most important qualities we need in light of COVID-19,” said Nick Jones, CIO from Konica Minolta.

“Macquarie shares this vision and has worked with us to develop a new, much higher value deal that leverages its new technologies, helping us execute our digital strategy.”

Konica Minolta has also contracted MacTel’s sister companies, Macquarie Cloud Services and Macquarie Data Centers, for data hosting and colocation services.

“The foundation we laid with Macquarie for these enhanced services allowed us to be fully connected remotely when the pandemic and work-from-home restrictions took hold,” Jones added. “500 people had to go home very suddenly, and productivity remained and even improved in a number of areas.”

The company is also looking to continue working with MacTel to expand its Microsoft Teams footprint to support increased business activity and internal communication.

“We’re seeing significant sales through Teams, and we want to embrace that rather than see it as temporary,” Jones said.

“We also want to encourage more video communication between staff – it is easy to lose context over email and we have found this causes avoidable issues between staff. We want to encourage more video communications on Teams, and potentially even video communications sent via email, to change that. Macquarie’s partnership with Microsoft, in particular its Azure Expert MSP status, is a huge asset for us to drive and sustain these changes.

MacTel Group Director Luke Clifton said, “It’s no coincidence that Konica Minolta has stood the test of time in one of the most disrupted industries.

“This company has an unwavering ability and commitment to adapt and deliver the services its customers need now and in the future. Fortunately, we too have adapted over the years, enabling us to support Konica with new technologies to support its growth and important role in the campaign for supply chain responsibility.