Launch of the vTail Healthcare telecommunications application in the US dental market

OXFORD, United Kingdom, November 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — vTail, the healthcare communications app directly connecting healthcare professionals to medical product companies, is expanding into its second medical specialty in the United States: dentistry.

Barry WolfsonCEO of vTail, says, “We are thrilled to bring our truly unique app to the dental community, and I applaud our team for the incredible amount of work they have done in a short time to expand our offering to beyond our initial Advanced Wound Care launch market. Given the new normal that exists in the healthcare world, we are proud that our solution has helped eliminate key points of friction between clinicians and service representatives. As a result, we are seeing more frequent engagement with less Given the size and dynamics of the dental market, we are confident in the value our platform will bring to our customers and investors.

There are over 120,000 dentists practicing in clinics in the United States today. The dental industry suffered at the start of the pandemic with the lack of PPE and mandatory office closures. Dentists generally have less access to manufacturers than hospital systems. As practices began to reopen, new cleaning and sanitizing protocols made it difficult to hire sales or service professionals.

Marketing Director of vTail, Michael McCarthyMBA says, “Our research suggests that dental professionals and businesses will enthusiastically embrace vTail. Dentistry needs the support and time savings that the vTail app can easily provide. Every day, a dental practice can house over 10,000 individually branded products from hundreds We want dental professionals to have an easy and intuitive way to get what they need from manufacturers in a timely manner, without having to search for cards. Were also provides dentists with a searchable product database and newsfeed that provides relevant content for dentists, dental specialists, certified dental hygienists and office managers.

vTail is free for all healthcare professionals. The HIPAA-compliant app has built-in safeguards that allow clinicians to communicate with businesses without needing to share their personal phone numbers or receive unwanted incoming calls or emails.

About vTail:

vTail ( is a new digital healthcare communication platform designed to connect healthcare professionals (HCPs) with representatives from the medical technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries. The company’s first launch focused on medical technologies in the United States, after entering the advanced wound care and dental care markets, and plans to enter the orthopedics market. In 2022, the application will move into more clinical areas and international markets. vTail has been selected as one of the Top 10 Clinical Communication and Collaboration Solution Providers for 2021 by MD Tech Review.

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