Kacific Broadband Satellites Announces Two Pacific Telecommunications Council Awards at PTC’22

SINGAPORE, SG/ACCESSWIRE/July 25, 2022/ Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd announces that it received two awards from the Pacific Telecommunications Council at the recent PTC’22.

The next-generation broadband provider won the “Outstanding Support” award for the vision and mission of PTC and “Outstanding Satellite Company” at PTC ’22.

PTC, the leading organization for telecommunications professionals focusing on the Pacific, has held its annual conference since 2015. The event aims to provide senior industry leaders with better opportunities to build partnerships, share insights on business strategies and best practices and disseminate information on current industry trends and new communication technologies.

PTC’s annual conference is considered one of the most collaborative networking events for professionals in the telecommunications industry.

Kacific says the recognition recognizes the company’s efforts in creating, developing and implementing information and communication technology solutions for the Asia-Pacific region and with a focus on less-developed islands. of the Pacific. The company’s mission and the launch of the Kacific1 align with PCT’s vision of connecting communities through the innovative use of today’s technologies.

The launch of our first satellite in 2019 was a transformative moment for Kacific, and we have spent the past two years locking in the value created. We set out to make high-speed internet affordable for underserved markets. Today, we have become the largest Ka-band operator in the Pacific. This award is an honor and validation of our vision, mission and business“, says Christian Patouraux, CEO of Kacific.

In Indonesia, where lack of connectivity is a widespread problem, Kacific provided a viable solution for the country. Jamalul Izza, President of the Indonesian Association of Internet Service Providers APJII, says: “The biggest challenge in Indonesia is internet infrastructure. Our country consists of thousands of islands, so it is difficult geographically. With the emergence of Kacific, in cooperation with the ASN, we have found a solution for internet penetration in Indonesia, as well as the opening of access in areas that are difficult to access by optical fiber or difficult to access by radio links. We hope that in the future, all areas at the village, sub-district and district levels will be able to access the Internet. Opening up access in these regions can strengthen what we call the economy of the digital society in these regions.

Kacific also received the Outstanding Satellite Company award in the Network and Network-Centric Solutions category for the company’s innovative product portfolio, in particular the launch of Kacific1.

The launch of its satellite has allowed the company to reduce the cost of connectivity in the Asia-Pacific region by 40% or more, lowering the cost per GB below the targets of the International Telecommunication Union. This proves that Kacific’s prediction of using proven space technologies to solve the endemic lack of affordable broadband is accurate.

Kacific hopes its current solutions will help dramatically increase access to connectivity across the Asia-Pacific region, which currently accounts for 20% of the population.

About Kacific

Kacific Broadband Satellites Ltd is a next-generation broadband satellite operator that provides affordable broadband access to the most underserved and vulnerable communities in the Asia-Pacific region. The company hopes to increase connectivity in the region using advanced multi-beam ground and space communications technologies. Kacific’s official headquarters are located in Singapore, with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu.

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