Hon Hai acquires arQana’s wireless telecommunications business

Taipei, TAIWAN, April 13, 2022 – arQana Technologies (“arQana”) and Hon Hai Technology Group (“Foxconn”) (TWSE: 2317) today announced the completion of the acquisition of arQana’s wireless telecommunications business and its merger with AchernarTek Inc. (“AchernarTek”), to enable the birth of a global supplier of RF semiconductor components, to support Foxconn and third-party customers in wireless telecommunications markets, including automotive applications and 5G infrastructure.

This business transaction is a positive achievement for all parties involved. It enables arQana Taiwan, arQana Belgium and AchernarTek not only to continue to develop their high-performance products for wireless telecommunications infrastructure, further improving 5G Sub-6 GHz and mmWave product developments, but also to expand the company’s footprint in the growing connected car and electric vehicle industry. market (VE).

“Foxconn is a company that shares our vision of being the brightest star in the 5G universe. This acquisition is of tremendous benefit to our customers, accelerating our product launches, shortening the time to market for components and contributing to the future growth of the company. We look forward to benefiting the entire 5G infrastructure industry with the adoption of our components and products.” said Glenn Vandevoorde, CEO of iCana and former CEO of arQana. “With the support of Foxconn, we will continue to use our expertise to create new products and enter new markets to cover the semiconductor needs of multiple industries, starting with semiconductor components for electric vehicles. Being part of the Foxconn family will also strengthen our ability to innovate faster, meet challenges and capitalize on opportunities in this decade.

AchernarTek, arQana Taiwan and arQana Belgium will now unify their operations and expertise under the new “iCana” brand. The acquisition will leverage Foxconn’s current development capabilities and also strengthen the supply chain in the semiconductor industry. Under the umbrella of Foxconn, iCana can share Foxconn’s new expertise and solutions, which will enable iCana to meet the growing market demand for 5G connected electric vehicles.

In line with Foxconn’s 3+3 strategy (electric vehicles, smart healthcare and robotics with three key technologies: next-generation communication technology, AI and semiconductors), the acquisition of arQana Technologies’ 5G business and the merger with AchernarTek is a new step in Foxconn’s long strategy. long-term commitment to semiconductor development. RF semiconductors are fundamental components for electric vehicle connectivity: as countries around the world deploy and adopt 5G networks, new modern cars will also require new RF components to communicate with these new networks.

Today’s announcement marks another example of Foxconn’s strong commitment to expanding its capabilities in electric vehicle manufacturing and semiconductor design and supply.

About iCana

iCana Ltd. (iCana) with offices in Taiwan, Belgium and the United States, is a fabless semiconductor component supplier for advanced wireless communication systems, including wireless telecommunications infrastructure and connected vehicles. As the world rapidly moves towards new advanced communication architectures and upcoming technical challenges, iCana is building a portfolio of high-performance products in different semiconductor technologies, to support the market and its ecosystem.

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About Hon Hai

Established in Taiwan in 1974, Hon Hai Technology Group (“Foxconn”) (TWSE: 2317) is the world’s largest electronics manufacturer. Hon Hai is also the leading technology solutions provider and continuously leverages its software and hardware expertise to integrate its unique manufacturing systems with emerging technologies.

Hon Hai has expanded its capabilities to the development of electric vehicles, digital health and robotics, as well as three key technologies – next-generation communication technology, AI and semiconductors – which are essential for drive its long-term growth strategy.

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