Canadian National Telecommunications Company and Xyleme Win 2021 Brandon Hall Group Technology Excellence Award

DENVER, February 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A Canadian national telecommunications company with 24,000 employees and Xyleme, developer of the only CCMS with the LCMS capabilities needed to support training and business development, have won the coveted Brandon Silver Award Hall Group for Excellence in the Best Breakthrough in Content Authoring category for the joint submission, “Harnessing the Power of an XML-Structured Authoring Platform – Uncovering the Potential of Content Components to Fuel Creative Creativity at large scale.”

A Canadian national telecommunications company partnered with Xyleme to transition from traditional decentralized learning content authoring tools to Xyleme’s XML-based CCMS platform in 2017, to more efficiently manage the vast amount of content that the organization creates and broadcasts to more than 30,000 employees. In 2020, the Canadian national telecommunications company’s content development team identified new opportunities for innovation within Xyleme’s structured authoring platform.

“The innovation that the Canadian national telecommunications company’s content team has brought to our platform is incredible, and this award is proof of that,” said Xyleme’s Chief Strategy Officer. Leslie Farinelle. “They were able to not only harness the strength of our platform, but also help us continue to develop and improve our products for all of our global customer base.”

A national Canadian telecommunications company and the joint victory of Xyleme were announced on December 9, 2021. A full list of winners can be viewed at

“Technology has never been more critical to the success of human capital management than it is today. We were delighted to see many innovations across the board, but especially related to the future of work,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Operating Officer and award program director. Rachel Cooke. “With the many innovations from our Technology Excellence winners, organizations have many compelling options when making important decisions about how to leverage technology to drive their people strategies.”

“HCM solution providers must be technology experts and visionaries, but they must also have the ability to anticipate the diverse needs of employers as they strive to adapt to ongoing changes,” said said group CEO Brandon Hall. Mike Cook noted. “It requires a mix of curiosity, empathy and agility that is hard to achieve. We have seen an extraordinary level of insight and creativity from our Technology Excellence winners, which is exciting to see. “

About the partner
A Canadian national telecommunications company with over 24,000 employees.

About Xylem
Xyleme is the market leader in content innovation, powering the next generation of content creation in some of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations, and supporting the personalization and syndication of enterprise content globally. global scale. Xyleme’s award-winning platform facilitates efficient mass production of proprietary content and simplifies content updating and maintenance, creating a truly scalable solution for global enterprises. Learn more at

About the Brandon Hall Group
Brandon Hall Group operates the largest and oldest awards program in human capital management. As an independent HCM research and analysis firm, they conduct studies on learning and development, talent management, leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion, employee acquisition talent and human resource/workforce management. These benchmark studies help organizations by providing strategic insights to executives and practitioners responsible for business growth and results. Brandon Hall Group has also launched professional certifications for business and human capital management professionals to upskill and gain credentials for career advancement. advancement. Learn more at

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