Bilateral meeting of Claudio Ambrosini with the Minister of Telecommunications of Ecuador

By Enacom

This is an automatic translation of the original press release published in Spanish

The President of the National Communications Entity (ENACOM), Claudio Ambrosini, and Vianna Maino, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society of Ecuador, held a meeting with the aim of analyzing common problems for advancing the development of communications in the region.

The meeting took place within the framework of the official visit to Argentina by the delegation of the Republic of Ecuador, led by its President Guillermo Lasso, on the occasion of a meeting with the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, and members of his cabinet. establish a common agenda on issues of interest to the region, including telecommunications.

Ambrosini and Maino highlighted topics of interest and highlights of their current efforts to promote telecommunications and network expansion. Regarding Internet access in Ecuador, in 2021 the scope was 70.6% of the population and in 2022 it is expected to reach 71.8%; while 4G recorded a penetration of 75.92% in 2021. From the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society of Ecuador (MINTEL), they estimate that in 2022 it will expand to 85% of the total population.

For his part, Ambrosini highlighted the milestones of his management at the head of ENACOM, in particular the programs financed by the Universal Service Trust Fund (FFSU), aimed at the development of new Internet access networks and the modernization and the expansion of networks for SMEs, cooperatives, public establishments, popular neighborhoods and road corridors.

In turn, Argentina has been working on a new national spectrum plan aimed at meeting the growing demand for mobile data. In this context, the individualization of the frequency bands suitable for the implementation and deployment in our country of mobile communications services using 5G technologies has already been carried out.

“The will of the government led by President Alberto Fernández is to continue working with the States for common regional development. We are ready to continue the talks to reach agreements, knowing that the best results for the citizens of our countries will come from consensus”, assured the President of ENACOM.

After the meetings, the signing ceremony of the Agreement on Consular Matters and the Joint Presidential Statement between the two countries will take place in the White Room of the Casa Rosada. Later, Claudio Ambrosini, head of ENACOM, will participate in the official lunch hosted by the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, who will also have the presence of Guillermo Lasso, President of the Republic of Ecuador; Santiago Cafiero, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship; Julián Dominguez, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; Juan Carlos Holguín, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ecuador; Matías Kulfas, Minister of Productive Development of the Nation; Julio José Prado, Minister of Production, Foreign Trade and Fisheries of Ecuador; Vianna Maino, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society of Ecuador; Gabriel Fuks, Secretary of the Federal Security Coordination, Ministry of National Security; and Cecilia Todesca, secretary for international economic relations.

Thanks to the joint work of cooperation between nations, the region is progressing in the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as an engine for promoting economic activities, industrial growth and social and cultural integration.