Aalyria uses parts of Alphabet’s balloon internet project to advance telecommunications

A new project uses the bones of Alphabet’s abandoned Loon project.

The project planned to provide internet access via a series of balloons. Now Aalyria uses most of the coins and combines them with lasers and the cloud to provide internet access to remote locations.

According The edge, Aalyria focuses on two things. The first is the “spot beam,” a system that uses beams of light to communicate data between stations. The second is “space-time”, software previously used by Loon. The platform will use the cloud to examine when a spot beam station sends a connection to a moving object.

CNBC reports that while Alphabet has a small stake in the company, it will not be under Google’s corporate umbrella.

“We are able to orchestrate inter-constellation inter-satellite links that enable the inter-connection of government and commercial constellation providers,” Aalyria CEO Chris Taylor said in a press release.

“We can orchestrate high-speed urban meshes and unified global network operations, and we can help connect the next three billion people.”

Image credit: Alyria/Twitter

Source: Aalyria Via: The Verge, CNBC