3air ready to solve telecommunications problems in Africa with an upcoming public sale

The Africa-focused blockchain platform recently announced its launch on Cardano and is making significant development progress every day. He has already successfully concluded a seed sale and the first round of a private sale. The second and third rounds are on the waiting list and the public sale is ready to begin.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) 3air will launch its public sale on November 26, as shown on the presale page.

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3air Token Public Sale Details

The platform is building its next public sale on the successful private sale rounds, which have seen many participants join. Currently, users register for the public sale and wait for Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML verifications.

The platform will sell the token at $0.06 during the public sale, which will offer the initial and final supply of tokens during the presale rounds. To participate, you will need a minimum ticket of $600, while the maximum investment opportunity stands at $49,800.

The team developed the token securely on Cardano, using the blockchain’s IOHK Atala Prism identity management solution.

The platform will dedicate 20% of the maximum supply of 1 billion tokens to the public sale. This allocation differs from seed sales and private rounds, which accounted for 1% and 11% of total supply, respectively.

3air provides a detailed breakdown of its token sales. Additionally, the company believes that disclosing the distribution of the token is crucial to prevent future supply changes.

The platform reassures its user base that all token distributions run on smart contracts. Therefore, you will receive your tokens once the sale has closed automatically through an app on your ADA wallet.

Unfortunately, some countries will not be able to participate in token sales. The United States, North Korea, Zambia, Central African Republic, British Virgin Islands, China, Venezuela, Iran and Iraq.

Tap into untapped African markets

Investors have long recognized the African continent as a region full of potential and talent. However, the current lack of high-speed internet and its supporting infrastructure leads to a digital divide that slows economic growth.

African cities can grow faster and prosper with more reliable internet connectivity. However, the construction of telecommunication lines and the burial of fiber optic network cables require substantial investments in infrastructure. Currently, Internet Service Providers mainly focus on business districts only, and Internet connections are limited and unreliable. A World Bank report estimates that it would take more than $100 billion in investment and 10 years to achieve widespread broadband connectivity through traditional means.

3air recognizes this need for high-speed internet and aims to bridge the digital divide faster and at lower cost. In a market potential simulation using Nigeria as an example, 3air estimates the value of untapped annual revenue from Nigerian markets for internet services to be $60 billion. Building more affordable and faster internet connectivity would therefore not only benefit local people, but also token holders.

3air is using all of these factors as motivation to provide premium broadband in African cities to previously underserved areas. In this regard, the platform relies on a talented and experienced team of IT, blockchain, marketing and telecommunications specialists.

Blockchain technology is leveraged by 3air to provide a decentralized, trustless environment that keeps user data secure and protected. Users will be able to create digital identities, enabling access to bankless payments, health, work and education. Internet, TV and IP Telephony subscriptions will be paid for with the 3air token. The token will also be used for bandwidth sharing, HW insurance and maintenance, rewards, referrals, staking, and community governance.

Successful partnerships

In addition to growing on Cardano, 3air is acquiring more partnerships to carry out its vision. One of these strategic collaborations is with telecommunications service provider K3 Telecom. The Swiss company’s patented technology will develop the broadband connection for 3air using innovative wireless technology capable of establishing high-speed Internet connectivity in a new region within months.

Its optical-grade air connectivity can provide 1 Gbps internet speed and over 150 TV channels. The technology, K3 last mile, is ready for the world, using innovative technology, a working business plan and a successful proof of concept in Sierra Leone. Other 3air partnerships include collaborations with IT TIM, CV Labs Global and iceaddis.

These joint business and technology efforts show 3air’s commitment to providing Africa with better Internet connectivity. Thanks to his innovative projects and ideas, individuals and businesses in African cities will finally switch to fast and economical Internet services.

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